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Meeting Place, Feature Film, Jason Croot, Zelica Films Ltd, UK, 2011
1. Clip Click here 5:11 15.6Mb
Sirens: Stress, TV Series, Amanda Boyle, Daybreak Pictures for Channel 4, UK, 2011
2. Clip Click here 0:44 5.75Mb
The Bill: Blood Rush, Part 2, TV Series, Matt Bloom, Thames Television Ltd for ITV One, UK, 2008
3. Clip Click here 1:14 7.52Mb
4. Clip Click here 1:52 14.0Mb
5. Clip Click here 0:49 4.95Mb
Holby City: Faith, Hope, And Charity, TV Series, Chris King, BBC One, UK, 2008
6. Clip Click here 0:59 5.80Mb
7. Clip Click here 1:34 10.9Mb
Trial & Retribution: The Rules Of The Game, TV Series, David Moore, La Plante Productions for ITV One, UK, 2007
8. Clip Click here 2:58 20.8Mb
9. Clip Click here 3:01 18.1Mb
Doctors: Sweet Surrender, TV Series, Jason Millward, BBC One, UK, 2007
10. Clip Click here 1:07 6.81Mb
11. Clip Click here 2:17 13.8Mb
12. Clip Click here 1:02 6.37Mb
13. Clip Click here 2:48 16.8Mb
14. Clip Click here 0:35 4.53Mb
The Last Detective IV: The Man From Montevideo, TV Series, Sandy Johnson, ITV One, Granada Drama, UK, 2006
15. Clip Click here 0:59 7.07Mb
16. Clip Click here 1:18 10.0Mb
London, Short Film, Isabelle Sieb, Metropolitan Film School, UK, 2007
17. Clip Click here 2:25 5.71Mb
18. Clip Click here 1:01 2.48Mb
19. Clip Click here 0:59 2.49Mb
Russian Dolls (Les Poupées Russes), Feature Film, Cédric Klapisch, Lunar Films LPR, UK, 2004
20. Clip Click here 0:48 1.52Mb


Clip or Film FLV-file Duration File Size

Kevin Thomas, Russell Curran Productions and Thomas Thomas Films, Ireland, 2008

21. Tourism Ireland

Click here 1:00 7.82Mb

The Mill, UK, 2006

22. McVitie's Moments: Office

Click here 0:30 4.02Mb
Stuart Fryer, Bikini Films, UK, 2006
23. GHD Viral 'Lost' Click here 1:08 7.79Mb
Alldays Production International, UK, 2005
24. 'Dinner' Click here 0:25 3.31Mb


Clip or Film FLV-file Duration File Size
Kinky-Kalinki Transrussian Express, The Nina Gruschwitz's Film, UK, 2006

25. Clip

Click here 1:04 8.37Mb
Real Russia: The Heart Of Ural, Three A, Russia, 2006
26. Film Click here 31:25 186Mb

  TV Presenting Showreel:

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27. TV Presenting Showreel, The TV Training Academy, UK, 2008 Click here 3:01 22.3Mb


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